Friday, August 8, 2014

Continuing In The Way

Life holds many trials and tests. It can seem very difficult to follow The Lord and remain true to our faith. But we can't let circumstances control the outcome of our lives. We must be consistent and faithful. Faith does not require effort, it requires letting go, which is the easiest thing to do. We just quit our emotions, our doubts, our calculations and all our estimated plannings. We must chant the name of The Lord and just let go. This always leads to inner peace. Faith is the gift to all peoples and creatures. Little children know how to let go. It is a natural function which we can learn to surrender to as we grow.

This can be one of the most complicated truths to embrace, because it's so simple and so free. Anybody; believer, agnostic and atheist alike can surrender to the nature of life and find inner peace. Even the gentle Hindu is quite often found guilty of condemning the agnostic or atheist. But when we truly learn to let go, we find internal peace and don't give any consideration to the judgment of others. We simply become placid and receive total relaxation. There is nothing more important than this. As believers in Krishna, we are supplied with the means of obtaining this inner peace.

Krishna gives the mantra for our benefit. We utter His Name and are soothed by the repetition of it. This is another natural function we are inclined to seek, which can cause us to find relaxation and clarity. The Lord knows best. We were created to glorify him and sing his name. It brings ultimate joy and serenity. So many things plague our minds and cause us to question life and make us get up in arms. This is not necessary, because the lord wants us to surrender to him and be naturally happy. Sure there are alien visitors, there are government conspiracies, but they are not more important than our spirituality.

Just let go and sing the names of Krishna: "hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare ramah hare ramah ramah ramah hare hare". This is true peace! This is how we attain happiness in life. Don't let the questions of life keep you from the answers! When we give in to our true nature as spiritual beings, all life's answers come to us naturally. Our constitutional position becomes clear and we don't worry about things we don't have the answers to. Not that we won't one day know them, because they are important. But our happiness must be first. Our joy is the now.

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