Monday, August 11, 2014

Path Of A Devotee

The path of a devotee is riddled with trials and tests, but he is unwavering as he continues in the name of the lord. The most important thing is sharing the lord and his holy name with others. But how do we do this? First we must develop a sense of desire for Krishna and to get closer to him. This only comes by chanting his holy name and allowing him to cleanse us of material desires. Singing the name of the lord naturally removes the dirt of material desires and their unending pull at our soul.

As we become aware of Krishna, we automatically become aware of our soul and the need to be immersed in Krishna Consciousness. We also come to know ourselves better. We come to know who we are and just what Krishna wants us to do with ourselves. However there is a pitfall there...material desire! The stubborn material desires still continue to creep in and cover the mirror of the soul, like smoke over a looking glass. This can cause us to stumble into sin and keep us from serving Krishna fully.

Unfortunately this is a staunch reality. Even the greatest of devotees face the pull of material desires and tend to stumble. But with discipline and sincere devotion to Krishna, we can overcome the obstacles of material desire and finally walk in the path of devotion. The Lord is patient with us and can allow us to be reborn into a righteous family if it is necessary. This will allow us to find Bhakti (devotional service) more fully and save us from the endless cycle of birth and death.

However, if we serve the lord with all sincerity in this life, walking with him to the best of our ability and remembering him at the hour of death, we will attain His Abode; going back to him and never returning to material life again. This is the gift given only to those who surrender to Krishna. Albeit many souls who attain to the gods find Krishna in the spiritual sky more often than they do from earth. But if they do not, they are born into a righteous family again. They have the chance in that new life as well.

As devotees, we have the responsibility of sharing Krishna with as many as will hear. We should not seek to upset the knowledge of the less intelligent, but rather by chanting his name and reaching out to the righteous, we find the rare opportunity to please the lord by talking about him with one another and with the unbelieving, who appear receptive. This is the true path of the virtuous devotees. We should surrender to the instruction of the spiritual masters, ever remembering the name of Krishna, singing thus:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ramah Hare Ramah
Ramah Ramah Hare Hare

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