Friday, August 29, 2014

Easy Salvation

Salvation is easy. It is man who complicates it with rules and regulations. Surely rules have their place, but discipline is the mother of all rules; and discipline is born out of necessity. Even the birds of the air have discipline, thus it is no grand thing that a human require disciplines in day to day life. Albeit, we should not write down those disciplines and require others to follow them, if such disciplines do not in fact apply to the particular circumstances of others.

Many vegetarians think that meat eaters are sinners, when in fact, most modern societies make it difficult to afford any other diet than what is being sold. They do not supply nutritional information, other than that of the nutrition of the diet provided. Even if they wanted to become vegetarian, they share a budget perhaps with a loved one who is not yet open to changing their diet. This is why Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 6, Chapter 4 verse 9 clearly states that nature, by the order of Brahman Himself, has ordained that four legged animals become food for humans.

Vegetarianism is for Brahmins or Sannyasins who are able to take it up. The only requirement for devotion to Krishna Vasudeva is The Mahamantra. Singing His Perfect Name and being filled to over-flowing with the power of Samadhi. Yes Samadhi comes simply by chanting the "hare krishna" mantra. Chaitanya was aware of this and rejoiced in sharing it with as many as would come to him and glorify the name of Krishna. Salvation is a gift to all who worship the lord, by whatever name; how much more to those who glorify Krishna Vasudeva.

Krishna leads the soul that sings his name to appropriate scriptures for learning and understanding The Lord Purusha. Also, because Purusha is The Self within, one may view the spiritual master as The Self and be equally blessed. This is a hard teaching; because The Lord is no respecter of persons. All who truly seek peace and bless his name (whatever name); Krishna considers these to be His Very Self. This is because He loves His Creation and is eager to be worshiped in sincerity.

hare krishna hare krishna
krishna krishna hare hare
hare ramah hare ramah
ramah ramah hare hare

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