Thursday, August 14, 2014

Krsna Consciousness

There is nothing as great as Krishna Consciousness. Many of my friends and family do not understand, that as believers in Krishna, we are surrendered to One Person Of The Godhead, Krishna. Although Brahma and Shiva are worship-able Godhead, they are devotees of The Lord as well. They say, "Worship The One God". They seek out the glorification of Vishnu as the preserving force in all things. He preserves the means of creation and dissolution. Krishna is The All Seeing Eye, as venerated by the ancients.

All sincere devotion leads to God, but there are many trails around the one path. This is a truth that makes sense to any religious perspective, yet it is unfortunately denied time and again. The religions of the world want to enforce their way as the only way and yet, they cannot even embrace the possibility that all roads lead to the same place. In Krishna consciousness we believe that Brahma-Jesus gave his life for the sins of mankind, yet we worship the father, who sent his perfect son for us.

Although it is one godhead, Jesus trusted Krishna to raise him from the dead; whereas Shiva relied on the name of Krishna to deliver him from all shame and misery. We must trust that The Name is the real power and that Ramah is The One True God! And Ramah is The Incarnation of Vishnu. To rely on any other than The One is error. And yet it is The One who forgives this error and makes all righteousness acceptable to him. This is why Brahma Jesus died; to preserve the name of Ramah!

Jesus preached the name of God to his disciples and they shared it with the world, yet the world took hold of that Word and twisted it to get gain. This is just a simple truth. Jesus preached Krishna Consciousness; and His Name 'Christus' bears witness to this truth. His life, his death and his resurrection bear witness to this truth as well. Thus, Jesus is the most popular of Gods. Although in India there are no temples built for him, he preached that 'the body' is temple of the holy spirit.

Still however, Krishna is The Greatest because He raised Jesus from the dead. To glorify Krishna is the greatest service anyone can do. To sing his name and share His Word is the only duty which never suffers decay. Chanting the name of Krishna relieves the soul of bitterness, fear and loneliness. We should chant and be happy always, like this:

hare krsna hare krsna
krsna krsna hare hare
hare rama hare rama
rama rama hare hare

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