Monday, August 25, 2014

Only Chant

Do not worry about books, you are the book. Do not worry about rules, you are the rule. Don't worry about regulative principles, you are The Principle. Only chant to Krishna. This is the way of salvation. HE will show you what to read, HE will show you the rules. HE will help you to regulate your body. Krishna is a real God, who responds to those seeking truth and love. False teachers creep in, preaching disciplic succession and regulative principles, but those who really know Krishna, know that he is "all gods" anyway. Those who sought Krishna, knew him by another name before; and he alone was their salvation.

Krishna is holding all creatures in his hand and he does not drop anyone or anything. Those who finally come to him are already aware of their need to find true balance in their lives; true balance only Krishna can give. Those who come to Krishna were already destined to come to him and to become righteous. There are many religious people who do not really know Krishna. They think that following rules and being "good" is going to save them. This is not true. The righteous fulfill a need in all righteousness being fulfilled. They desire to know the god who truly loves all; the god who truly has reign over reward and punishment.

The true righteous have the desire to be witnesses for the grace of the one who really has the power to forgive and to punish. Krishna does not leave souls in an endless hell, but punishes the wicked like a father punishes his children. He punishes with a means to an end. This is an are where the false religions of the world come up short. They want so badly to be The One Way, that they condemn all others who do not follow their way to an endless hell. Meanwhile Krishna is the merciful father of all ways and he punishes children who are not merciful in their judgment.

Merely chanting the name of Krishna brings salvation and joy. As I have said time and again, to those desiring to be truly saved from sin and ignorance; chant the names of Krishna unto the fullness of salvation and truth. It is the only way. Not all are called to follow all the tenets of Vedic Life, yet The Name is given for the emancipation of all. Sing the sixteen names of The Lord like this:

hare krishna hare krishna
krishna krishna hare hare
hare ramah hare ramah
ramah ramah hare hare

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