Thursday, August 7, 2014

Modern Mystic

I guess the claims I've made are quite bold. Representing "The One True God", even as a "modern mystic". These are not things which I have conjured up to write a blog or make money. They are things that have been with me all my life. As a young Christian, I felt pulled towards a grace that was all forgiving to all people, without conditions. Something inside was telling me that God forgives everyone already. Although they may need to seek his forgiveness in order to progress spiritually, nonetheless he already forgives them and has made provision for their further development should they fail to seek salvation in this life.

This feeling was so strong that it would bring me to my knees and fill me with ecstasy. One thing I noticed about other believers was that although they were spiritually inclined, they had not surrendered themselves unto the same degree that I had. All I knew was that there was a spirit of pure love inside me, responding to and acting in the name of Jesus. So I continued following this Spirit and became more and more filled with love and spiritual ecstasy. However, people began to think that I was acting or somehow trying to over embellish the experience. Therefore I was excommunicated from my local parish.

After much disappointment with the doctrines of churches, I simply came to the conclusion that God was speaking to me from some other place; and that he wanted me to seek out a new path and a new belief system for myself. At this point it was about Me. I didn't want people filling my head with ideas of a God who couldn't handle the simple idea of forgiving all people. Therefore one day while visiting the local library, I stumbled across an interesting book called Bhagavad Gita. I was intrigued by the binding of it, the glossy pages and the illustrations of an archetypal figure named Krishna.

 At this time I was married to a woman devoted to the churches which I had so recently denounced. So I kept quiet about the book and continued to visit the library regularly. As I studied this book, I noticed a wisdom flowing from it that I had always felt compelled to follow before affirming my Orthodox Christian Faith. Of course I noticed that The Guru translating The Gita had his own hang-ups about spiritual life and had quite assuredly let it influence his translation of the scripture. I therefore proceeded with caution and compared other translations to his. This led me in a direction which caused me to totally surrender to the concept of unconditional love and forgiveness.

As I studied The Gita and the works of various spiritual masters and scholars from all walks of life, I found myself upon a road less traveled; a road which I don't think anyone had ever traveled. It was My Road. Because although I had taken bits and pieces from one teacher or another, one common thread I found among them was either the unbelief in any Personal God or the unbelief in that Gods' ability to have mercy upon all beings, without conditions and without any acknowledgement on their part. I began to know that I was all alone with this belief and that Krishna had chosen Me to tell others about His Unconditional Love.

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  1. All souls are on an eternal path with eternal consequences; and yet God forgives them and has mercy upon them in his own due season. This is the truth!